Stay in Touch with High School Friends

As you get older, there becomes something special about having childhood friends around. Even when you make it big, change up your habits, and start doing new things, the core part of who you are stays the same to an old friend. He or she shared the good old days – the idealistic conversations, the heavy confessions, the toilet humor, the goofy pranks, and the overflowing buckets of teenage romance. Your good friends know who you are the best, and no one can ever take their place.

Friendships don’t always last forever though. They are created from shared experiences. You grow close to someone when you live the same way as them, cherish the same things, and work towards the same goals.

In high school and in college, this is easy to accomplish. You and your peers are always on the same page. You relate to each other’s academic hardships and have the same tests and projects; you rally behind the same teams, live in the same neighborhood, and hit up the same local spots in your free time.

But when life transitions from high school to college, and then from college to the working world, a new set of paths emerge. You find new crowds to hang out with. You develop new interests. One friend gets a full-time job, another goes to community college, and yet another moves to school across the country. One friend lives the single life while another gets married.

It’s a sequential buildup of differences. Early on in the process, it’s not a huge deal. Your best friend picks a different major than you. It’s trivial, because he or she lives two blocks away and hangs out with you every day. But the differences do add up over time. You begin creating lives independent of one another. You get different jobs. You move to different cities. You start mingling with different crowds. And when that happens, a breaking point starts to loom overhead.

Some friendships are easy to move on from. Ted and Sally are just totally different people now. You won’t miss them.

Others friendships you want to keep. Phil and Grace have always been good, supportive pals, and they’re still down to kick it every once in a while. You will have friends, romantic interests, and mentors that rush into and out of your life over the next few years. How much do they mean to you?

As far as college is concerned, new friends are waiting around the corner. But sometimes, you just can’t beat old stories about teenage antics, shared on an old couch with pizza and Cheetos. For those, you’ll want a childhood friend by your side.

Keep them in mind. It’s nice to reflect on the good times.