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We recommend that you read through the full guide once, and then return to specific passages as they become relevant to you. There are six sections in total. The first five cover the personal statement. The sixth covers short responses, resume writing, teacher recommendations, and school reports.

When you start working on your actual application, budget 50% of your time for the primary statement, and 50% of your time for the rest of the application.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Reinvent the college application experience. Transform yourself into a self-promotion expert.

Self Promotion

Chapter 2. Understand

 Get a clear perspective on what college admissions is all about. Understand what readers want to see.

Competitive Edge

Chapter 3. Brainstorm

 Breeze through the hardest and the most essential phase in writing. Plan the perfect essay.

Lightbulb Moment

Chapter 4. Draft

 Write a powerful story. Understand what makes an essay great, and breathe life into your writing.

Girl Drafting

Chapter 5. Revise

 Elevate each draft above its predecessor. Tackle the issues involved in self-editing, and rethink what it means to really revise.

Revising on Screen

Chapter 6. The Rest of the Application

 Master each component of the college application.  Create a knockout package.

Putting Ideas Together

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