Big Changes for the New Year!

You’ve probably made a few New Year’s Resolutions – and for 2014, we’ve done the same!

In just one month, The App Style will be unleashing more content than ever, accessible using a new membership interface. For our long-term users, we will be giving you the opportunity to get all of this for free – by simply writing a review and sharing your App Style experience with us.


Expect to see the following:

For seniors, we’ll be giving you the down-low on

  • choosing your college
  • deciding on your major
  • getting internships
  • making the best out of your next four years.

For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, you’ll be getting even more detailed information on

  • college applications
  • standardized tests
  • annual goals
  • strategies for success in high school

There will be plenty of other features too – including comparisons of summer programs, academic news, and listings for competitions.

Our goal is simple – to be the best college planning resource on the web. You’ll never have to look anywhere else to find the information you need.

Keep an eye out for our next update. Until then!