The App Style An Introduction

A typical college application guide tells you what to do.

This one shows you how to do it well.

This guide is a little different from the others. We don’t waste time poring over procedural aspects of admissions. We don’t settle on generic suggestions either.

Here, the operation’s focused. You want to know what it takes to ace the college application – and we want to show you exactly how its done.

You’ve heard the talk on the streets. There’s rumor, hearsay, expert opinion, trickled-down experience, and even a little dash of superstition. Yet, advice that helps you step up your writing game is hard to find. We know, because it wasn’t too long ago when we were high school students ourselves, standing right in your shoes.

The scene hasn’t changed over the years, and people are still itching to know what magic separates a good from a great application. In fact, you probably want to know what it means to write a good application in the first place.

This guide will answer those questions. More so, it will elevate your approach to college admissions. In preparing it, we made online accounts, filled out applications, and wrote personal statements ourselves. We went back and identified all the obstacles that students encounter – and then created solutions for them. This is the real college application walkthrough you’ve been waiting for – one that gets you through the trenches with purpose and direction.

You deserve to see your time and effort translated into successful writing. We know that you can do it – and we’re here to show you how.

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The App Style - A College Application Guide